Signs of a Reputable Breeder
Be puppy-shopping savvy!
These are all things truly reputable breeders will do:
Requires you to meet the puppy in person.
#1 most important step you can take
to make sure you're getting a great puppy
Insists on meeting you and your family in person and wants to know about you, a lot about you! Reputable breeders NEVER sell their beloved pups to strangers.
Socializes the puppies to people, places, and things.
Has a veterinarian individually examine and vaccinate each puppy and has verifiable proof of this.
Knows about the breed's predispositions to certain genetic problems and has had their dogs tested for them.
Raises the puppies in the home, not a kennel.
Happily and proudly introduces you to the parents of the puppies.
The parents are a sneak-peek of the dog your puppy will be.
Has healthy, long-lived adult dogs and contact info for previous buyers.
Will take their pups back at any point in their lives.
This shows a lifelong commitment to the puppies and to you.
Is able to knowledgeably answer all of your questions.
Is involved with local and national breed clubs and abides by their Code of Ethics.

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